Juno - Glass Anal Plug & Dildo
  • Juno - Glass Anal Plug & Dildo

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    Meet Juno – this hand-crafted and expertly curved glass anal plug and dildo brings out the most powerful vibes from its users.  Exemplifying what makes a classic glass dildo so great, Juno is the choice whether you are new to sex toys or are more experienced. She is draped in sophisticated swirls and curves to allow for premium stimulation. This unbelievably multitalented V For Vibes curved glass dildo comes with many appealing features to boost your libido! Our female toy is an ideal dual-sided clitoral, G-Spot and anal stimulator. In addition, the plug-shaped end is wonderful for backdoor fun. The light handheld shape makes Juno incredibly convenient and a titillating sex toy for couples and solo sex. Also, both ends are covered with a stimulating well-defined texture.


    Juno is a body safe glass anal plug, dildo and massager that is elegantly crafted with a superior, high-quality build and top-notch workmanship. Her specially designed swirls and curves are best suited for providing the premium stimulation you desire. All of V for Vibes’ products were created with a woman’s body in mind.  That being said, our products can be and are enjoyed by all genders. Built with sleek glass, Juno is easy to clean and maintain for many years of enjoyment.


    Juno is a suitable choice for those seeking a glass anal plug or dildo for beginners. Simple to pick up and use with little to no prior instruction, Juno offers special curves to ensure you find the pleasure you are seeking. The sheer variety of choice between different hand pulses is sure to allow beginners to find the speeds that best resonate with the stimulation they seek, while not being overwhelmed by the vibrations found in traditional vibrators. The delicately crafted build of Juno is curved in a manner that stimulate not just the clitoris and g-spot, sending toe-curling senses throughout your entire body.