Ge - Vibrating Anal Sex Toy - Anal Vibrator
  • Ge - Vibrating Anal Sex Toy - Anal Vibrator

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    Meet Ge – this tantalizing vibrating anal sex toy will allow you to be fully enveloped by the sheer satisfaction and pleasure derived from its use. Ge is a uniquely crafted anal vibrator made of high-quality, premium medical grade silicone that surrounds a powerful motor pumping out 10 different vibration modes. With all of these types of vibrations to choose from, and the maximum only creating 40 decibels of sound, this vibrating anal sex toy can be enjoyed without worrying about waking the neighbors.  


    Ge is one of the luxury body safe anal vibrators of choice for those seeking pleasure and bountiful vibes wherever they choose to play. For those that haven’t ventured into the realm of vibrating anal sex toys or anal stimuli, Ge is a unique and easy to use beginner device. Offering 1 – 1.5 hours of play on a full charge, Ge allows you to take your time while you explore the variety of stimulation she has to offer.


    Elegantly crafted with a superior, high-quality build and top-notch workmanship. The medical-grade silicone used in the production process bears a soft, silky smooth touch that our users have come to love. The silicone construction allows for ease of cleaning and creates a 100% waterproof and non-porous surface. Although V for Vibe’s products are designed specifically for women they can and are enjoyed by all genders.


    Ge is a suitable choice for those seeking a butt-plug for beginners. Simple to pick up and use with little to no prior instruction. The sheer variety of choice between different frequencies and pulses is sure to allow beginners to find the speeds that best resonate with the stimulation they seek.


    With her powerful, yet quiet motor offering a variety of choice when it comes to speed, Ge is the perfect choice for you to start exploring with.  While this vibrating anal sex toy is one of power, it is also whisper quiet, letting you explore while keeping your intimacy private. Delicately crafted and curved in a manner that provides different stimulation will allow for wave after wave of pleasure to rush over you.