Drusilla - Clitoral Sucking Tongue Vibrator
  • Drusilla - Clitoral Sucking Tongue Vibrator

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    Meet Drusilla, the queen of the magic tongue vibrators. This sucking toy has earned its place as one of V for Vibe’s best-selling vibrators and personal massagers. The distinctive look and shape of this clit sucking device contributes to the powerful clit stimulation it delivers. The clit sucking toy comes with 10 sucking functions and 20 frequency modes for you to try. The milder settings are great for arousal and helping you adapt to the Drusilla's unique feel.


    If you're having a hard time reaching the Big O, this best female toy is sure to help you! Drusilla Clit Sucker and G-spot vibrator features medical-grade, hypo-allergenic silicone and bears a natural skin-like gentle touch that Vibers will love.

    The ability to choose between different frequencies and pulses will allow beginners to find the speeds that best resonate with the stimulation they seek. More experienced users are able to find the strength and variety they long for. Drusilla is a rechargeable wireless vibrator with a discreet and quiet original motor, so you can keep your intimacy, private. Although the vibration and suction features both deliver powerful vibes, the motor remains whisper quiet.

    For the most amazing vibes, Drusilla clitoris vibrator offers ten sucking functions and twenty vibration modes with an innovative vacuum technology to help you reach an unforgettable climax! USB rechargeable, and simple to clean, this quiet and elegant toy makes every day more exciting.