Ceres - Glass Anal Plug & Dildo
  • Ceres - Glass Anal Plug & Dildo

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    Meet Ceres – V for Vibes’ hand-crafted and expertly curved glass anal dildo.  Designed to bring out the most from its users, Ceres exemplifies what makes classic glass dildo’s so great. By placing the power into the hands of the user, Ceres allows you to dictate speed and depth you seek. Offering multiple ways to please yourself with various curves and edges on Ceres build, she can let you reach heights you never imagined. A temperature sensitive glass anal dildo, Ceres can offer a variety of possible sensations for you.  Achieve these sensations by simply running her under hot or cold water prior to use.


     Ceres is a brilliant and classic alternative to your traditional vibrator.  Made with firm, superior, and high-quality workmanship our customers have come to expect. Ceres is a body safe dildo that is perfect for use inside and outside of the bedroom. With her lightweight and unique design, she is easily transported while being discreet – making Ceres the perfect travel companion for pleasure while you are away from home.


    Built of sleek sturdy glass and specially designed for the contours of your body, Ceres is a delicately crafted dildo for women and men.  The smooth glass is a skin safe texture while also very easily maintained and cleaned. Although designed with a woman’s body in mind, she can be enjoyed by all genders. Those seeking a dildo or anal plug for beginners, can find a suitable choice with Ceres. Simple to pick up and use with little to no prior experiance. The sheer variety of choice between different hand pulses is sure to allow beginners to find the rhythm that creates the best stimulation.


    Ceres is an elegant glass sex toy, both upscale and hand-crafted with an amazing attention to detail.  This luxurious, and delicately built glass anal dildo will leave you breathless.